Desi Survival101- Diwali


We’re approaching that time of the year which makes every Indian’s smile a little wider, day a little brighter, and lungs a little more corrupted. That’s right, in case you forgot, Diwali season’s about to roll around the corner, and trust me, you will never feel further away from home than during Diwali season. Hong Kong is undoubtedly an incredible city, but for us Desis, there’s really nothing like the nights at home illuminated by ladis and mirchi bombs, with the air thick with that aroma which you know is terrible for you, but you love every moment of it.

Luckily, here at HKU, the South Asian Society has set up a number of events which help you make Hong Kong feel a little more like #HomeKong (One of my least favourite IG hashtags but whatever).



Obviously since the traditionally festive time back in India is recognized as the traditionally midterm laden time over here, we can’t really organize an event exactly on Diwali. So around the period, the SAS (South Asian Society) holds an event called the SAS Cultural Night. The event actually goes on through the day at Global Lounge, and it celebrates and shares the cultures of the countries represented by the SAS – Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The day starts with some traditional stalls like Henna Tattoos, Carrom, a photobooth with turbans and jewelry and other traditional clothing, and a bunch of other stuff. The night part of it is usually bigger.


There are dance and music performances by the students representing their own country’s culture. Trust me this is like Bollywood Night without the hefty cover charges and middle aged people. It’s a hugely attended event. My first Cultural Night was so packed with brown people that it brought back memories of Rajiv Chowk metro station.


The Cultural Night this semester is being held at Global Lounge on the 9th of November. Be there, we have free food. Since we can’t use fireworks in Hong Kong, your Diwali won’t be illuminated like it was at home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be #lit (This one is definitely worse I apologize).