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Conference 2013

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iResponsibility: Explore how we engage in the online world


We ‘Like’, we ‘Tweet’, we ‘Digg’ and we ‘Tumble’. But when do we take a step back and reflect on how we share? Social media and the online world are here to stay. In the past year, our generation has seen political uprisings, social movements, and successful businesses – all take root and grow online. “iResponsibility” explores how we connect in the online sphere, what consequences we create with our every click, and how we can harness this immense variety of online tools responsibly and positively to help our community and create innovation.


At the conference you can learn from industry leaders, HKU alumni, academics and successful young entrepreneurs who will share how you can make a difference through social media and online technology.


Get ready to collaborate with students from around the world on creative project ideas, based on your learning at the conference while being mentored by IB educators and the University community! You can learn a variety of technical skills, plan social initiatives to create far-reaching benefits for society, and take valuable ideas to implement exciting CAS initiatives in your home countries.


Apply to join IB students from across the globe at the University of Hong Kong’s cutting-edge urban campus to learn, reflect, create and help make the world a better place.


The University of Hong Kong is ranked as the best university in the whole of Asia by QS World University Rankings 2012.


To learn about past conferences and register online, click here: http://www.ibo.org/wsc/