IB World Student
Conference 2013

Dr. Li-Fung Cho
Department of Sociology
The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Cho examines investigative reporting in mainland China through news media organizations known for their exposés of government corruption and social ills. Her research focuses on the initiatives of enterprising journalists, their improvised newsgathering and production methods, and their ability to circumvent propaganda department content regulations. Her research also looks at the role of the Party-state in stifling, directing and encouraging the watchdog role of the press in China, and considers the relevance of this development to traditional notions of press freedom and control. Dr. Cho was reporter at 21st Century World Herald, a newspaper in Southern China that was shut down after it published articles calling for political reform. Prior to coming to Hong Kong, Dr. Cho worked for over ten years in various San Francisco non-profit organizations advocating for civil rights, affirmative action, health education and leadership development for low-income Asian American youths and their families.

Dr. Li-Fung Cho will be holding a session on The Impact of the Internet on Investigative Journalism in China.