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HKU Summer Institute 2015

Application Procedures

Application Procedures:

1. Please read the following notes and guidelines carefully before completing your application.

- 'General Notes for Undergraduate Applicants' can be downloaded here.

- 'General Notes for Secondary School Applicants' can be downloaded here.

- 'Guidelines on How to Complete Online Application for Undergraduate Applicants' can be downloaded here.

- 'Guidelines on How to Complete Online Application for Secondary School Applicants' can be downloaded here.

- 'Payment Instructions for Application Fees' can be downloaded here.

Application fee is waived for non-credit bearing courses and non-refundable. 

2. For HKU undergraduate students, please apply for "Credit-Bearing" courses, which are organized by HKU for the summer semester, through the Student Information System. Information will be released later.


HKU Summer Programme FAQ:

1. Before the application

1.1 Who is eligible for HKU Summer Programme?

Local and overseas students are eligible for HKU Summer Programme.

1.2 Can I apply for more than one programme? 

Yes, you may apply for more than one programme as long as the programmes do not have a time conflict.

1.3 In Hong Kong, how much should I expect per meal?

On average, students should expect to pay HK$25 for breakfast, HK$40 for lunch and HK$50 for dinner. For information on general living expenses, please visit

1.4 What is the medium of instruction?

Our programmes are instructed in English

2. During application

2.1 Can I apply for credit transfer?

Please confirm with your home university whether HKU credits could be transferred toward your degree.

2.2 What should I do if I have forgotten my application number?

Please refer to the email you received when you first created your account.

2.3 Can I combine my transcripts into a single file to upload?

You may combine your transcripts to upload.

2.4 I am unable to log into the registration account to access the Online Document Upload System. What should I do?

Your account may have expired. Please note that an account is active for two weeks. Please create a new account with a new email address.

2.5 How can I know if my online application has been successfully submitted?

Once you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email confirmation. If your application has any missing or incomplete documents, we will contact you shortly to submit the required documents.

2.6 Is the registration fee of HK$350 per programme applied or a one-time fee?

The HK$350 registration fee is a one-time fee for applicants who apply to one or more credit-bearing programmes.


3. After application

3.1 I would like to make amendments to my uploaded documents. Can I revise the files that have already been uploaded to the Online Document Upload System?

You cannot make amendments to your application after it has been submitted.

3.2 Can I cancel my application or withdraw from the programme? Will there be a programme fee refund?

You can cancel your application through your registration account by clicking “Cancel” beside the column. Both the programme fee and application fee are non-refundable.

3.3 Will there be any interview?

Depending on the programme you have registered for, there may be an interview. For programme details, please visit

3.4 Will I receive a certificate once I complete the programme?

Students in non-credit bearing programmes will receive a certificate, while students in credit-bearing programmes will receive the stated number of credits and a transcript upon completion.


4. HKU hall accommodation

4.1 How can I apply for a place in a residential hall?

You may apply for accommodation once you have been accepted into a programme. For details on accommodation, please visit

4.2 Can I apply to stay in a residential hall longer than my programme period?

Due to limited hall places, you are only allowed to apply for hall accommodation during the programme period. You may stay 1 day prior to programme commencement and 1 day after the programme ends.

4.3 Do they provide bed sheets and blankets at the hall?

Bed sheets and blankets are provided at the halls. Towels will not be provided.

4.4 Is accommodation offered in all programmes?

Programmes with accommodation will state so in the programme description. If you are coming from overseas and would like to apply for accommodation, please fill out and submit the form after you have been accepted into a programme.