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  • Academy inspires the brightest mindsAcademy inspires the brightest minds
  • Enrichment courses that emphasize personal growth and development of core competenciesEnrichment courses that emphasize personal growth and development of core competencies
  • Rigorous academic courses with HKU creditsRigorous academic courses with HKU credits
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Question 1: I am concerned that I may not be accepted in a particular course.  Can I choose more than one course in the application form?



To resolve your concern, you are encouraged to choose more than one courses in the application form.  It is acceptable to choose courses that may have conflicting schedules at time of application; however, it is your responsibility to ensure the schedules of the courses chosen are not in conflict when you confirm your enrollment. 

Question 2: Can anyone apply for financial assistance?
Any member of the Academy may apply for financial assistance. For bursaries, you may complete the Bursay Section with your membership application. To maintain the sponsorship, members are required to renew their applications when new session begins. Academic standing, attendance, and recommendation will be considered in determining eligibility for renewal.
Scholarships are available for most of the courses the Academy is offering. Most of the scholarships are bestowed based on good academic standing and attendance.  For amount and details, please refer to Courses section.   
Question 3: If I am eligible for financial assistance, do I still need to pay for the courses?
Payment status for bursary applicants is on case-by-case basis. For scholarship sponsorship, members will pay for the courses in advance and be reimbursed at the end of an academic session.
Question 4: Should I return my completed application package to my principal?
You can accept the membership offer by using our online application system.  Successful nominees will receive notifcation and application instruction through their personal emails. 
Question 5: How do I know if I am accepted into the Academy?
You will receive confirmation from us through email around mid- to late Feburary 2013.
Question 6: If I am one of the nominees of my school, does it mean my admission to the Academy is guaranteed?
While we value the nomination and support of your school and principal, nomination does not guarantee admission to the Academy.  Your acceptance to the Academy must be endorsed by the Advisory Board of The Academy for the Talented based on the criteria communicated to your principal.    
Question 7: Are courses eligible for HKU credits?
Yes, some courses are eligible for HKU credits upon successful completion. Most credit-bearing courses will be offered during summer time. 
Question 8: How will I know if I have successfully enrolled in a course?
Whenever there is an update on your course application status, you will receive an email from the system to inform you to login your portal account to check your status.  Once your application is successful, you will then need to confirm your acceptance. 

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