Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance: 2019 Internship in Shanghai [CLOSED]

Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance: 2019 Internship in Shanghai [CLOSED]

Chinese Programme Name


Host Organization

Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance

Co-organizing Institution

Shanghai University


July - August, 2019



Application Deadline

July 10, 2019

About the Programme

Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance is inviting applications from HKU students for their internship opportunity. Please read the internship programme introduction for more information. The itinerary is subject to final decisions of the host institution.


  1. All HKU full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to apply.  
  2. As requested by the host organization, priority will be given to local students.
  3. Applicants should possess valid travelling document and/or entry permit for entering Mainland China.
  4. Applicants should be able to write, read and communicate in Putonghua as the programme activities will be conducted exclusively in Putonghua.


Participants should guarantee full participation in the Programme, and are required to submit the following documents to China Affairs Office within 10 days after the completion of the programme:

  • Experience sharing (300 words in both English and Chinese) and Survey
  • 5 photographs taken during the participation of the programme
    (*Creative sharing and photos will be used in the University publication or website for promotion).

For details, please check Report Submission page.

Programme Fee

  1. As the programme is sponsored by the host organization, partial-subsidy will be provided on the transportation between Hong Kong and Mainland, local accommodation, and meals
  2. Participants are responsible for other expenses, including but not limited to travel insurance, local transportation expense, and souvenirs.
  3. Participants are strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance according to personal needs, especially for those who wish to extend their stay in the destination(s). For the university coverage, please refer to the policy for undergraduates and postgraduates provided by Finance and Enterprise Office for reference. 


Please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have read through the details and meet all of the programme requirements.
  2. Complete the application form (Click HERE to download). 
  3. Send an email application to TWO recipients from Shanghai University (
    • Subject: 滬港大學聯盟實習申請"
    • Attachment: Completed Application Form


For any enquiries, please contact China Affairs Office at


(Last updated on 05/07/2019)

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