10 Signs Semester Break is Near

November 28, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

  1. 1. You realize that you will have a month of freedom with either no plans or exciting travel plans (there is no inbetween).

  1. 2. But then, you realize you have endless term essays, group presentations, projects, and exams all leading up to December…

  1. 3. You reflect this time last year and appreciate how easy last year was.

  1. 4. Hong Kong’s weather starts to become cold… (or not).

  1. 5. Yep, it’s cold (also thanks to ACs continuously blasting in classrooms).
  1. 6. Your friends start asking for your holiday plans.

  1. 7. Your family begins to hint that they want you to spend more time with them during the break.

  1. 8. Starbuck’s Christmas cups are out.

  1. 9. Do I hear Christmas songs already?

  1. 10. Time to stop procrastinating and finish the semester strong, shall we?