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3 Ways to Get to The Peak from HKU

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HKU constantly stresses the importance of breaking a sweat, obvious from the multitude of sport programs offered by the Institute of Human Performance (IHP- HKU) or the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative introduced last semester.

Most of us  treasure the calm and revitalization offered by a stroll in the green outdoors. How wonderfully convenient is it then that HKU is rightly located a short hike away from the highest mountain in Hong Kong?

Make use of any free-time you have while on campus to make that hike to one of Hong Kong’s most iconic landmarks – The Victoria Peak!

The 3 Starting Points

1.  Between Eliot Hall and Meng Wah

Take the escalator to arrive outside Meng Wah, facing Eliot Hall (home to the Journalism and Media Studies Centre JMSC). Go up the few flights of steps directly in front, then continue upwards on the staircase on your right.

Stick to the stair path until you reach the top.

You are now on University Drive! To your far right is Robert Black College, a guesthouse for visiting scholars. Continue upwards towards the entrance of HKU on Kotewall Road.

Walk along Kotewall road. Upon turning at the bend, you will come across Kotewall Fire Station. Further up is the clearest signage you could wish for. In loud bright yellow, “The Peak” is sprayed painted in Chinese.

Simply follow the graffiti to go up the stairs. Turn right and you will find yourself on the path going to the peak.


2. Behind Delifrance

Start on Centennial campus, in front of Delifrance.

Walk straight past the tempting pastries and sandwiches and pass through the glass door on the opposite side. Cut across to the vein-wrapped wall, to the staircase hiding on the left side.

When you come across a flight of stairs going up on your left, take it. Then turn right and keep going.

Stone-steps and covered slopes will greet you on the way.

3. At Pokfield Street Bus Terminus (AKA the “gas station”)

This starting point is not exactly on campus, yet is close enough and deserves its place on the list for those who’d like to hike before classes or live in Jockey Club Village 2 Residential Halls. Any bus or minibus that goes to  HKU also stops directly under the starting point of the hike.

Follow the long staircase that goes up from the left side of the gas station.


Follow the sign directing you to Pinewood Battery.


When you have accomplished that lengthy ascent, take the staircase that is opposite you, rather than this flat stone path.



Follow the directions to Hatton Road


Once you arrive at this signpost, you have already come halfway. This is also the convergent point for all 3 routes. Start anticipating the sweeping views that await you as there is no way to get lost anymore. Follow the clear direction to the peak!

Arriving back on flat land after the few kilometres of slope means you have made it to Lugard road, the 3 km loop that rings around the Peak.

Here you are presented with 2 options: turn right to reach the place to pause at the panoramic views of the city from above, or turn left to reach the more crowded Peak Galleria where you’ll find shops and public transport options.

To descend from the Peak, take your pick from walking back the same way, taking the minibus, bus , or if even feeling particularly touristic, the Peak tram from the Peak Galleria.

Morning walks before class might help wake you up, and the path is bright enough at night for you to venture out for the spectacular views of the skyscrapers. But the best time to take the walk is most definitely an hour or two before the sun begins to set, at 5pm. Golden-hued sun light filters in through the trees and a certain air of nonchalance exists at the end of a working day.


I enjoy swimming in the cold open sea, running through concrete jungles and real jungles, and practicing other ways to master my mind.