A Letter to All Mothers.

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I know that by the time you read this, Mother’s day would probably be over, go procrastination!

I also know that I shouldn’t wait till Mother’s Day or any remind-you-to-honour-those-who-love-you days, for that matter to tell my mother that I’m eternally grateful. To me, it seems rather odd that we, as human beings who are perfectly capable of emotions and feelings, need designated days to remind ourselves of the ones who have and will forever shower us with an infinite amount of unconditional love.  However, I am guilty. I am guilty for taking my mother for granted, for not expressing my gratitude, for expecting things that I am not automatically entitled to.

Maybe at this very stage in society, these “reminder days” are somewhat necessary from the many distractions of life, at least, certainly for myself. We constantly forget those who are our support systems to our brave hearts, our Platos and Aristotles to our tempted souls, our willing army to the naïve commander in us. We often overlook the sacrifices they make to make our lives a little more interesting, a little easier, a little better.

Although it seems like it’s a mother’s duty to provide and care for, but the truth is, no one can relate to a mother’s hardship. We will never understand what it’s like to collectively give up youth, to give up ambitions, to put their own needs second. This is the pride that comes with the role of being a mother, something that they will never be robbed of, likewise it is something that should be appreciated, cherished and shared.

I am lucky enough to be able to share my journey through university with my mother. For some, parents are miles away. To spend mother’s day on skype is a pain, but for them, seeing their children, knowing that their kids think of them, that they are in our hearts, is one of the warmest gifts for all mothers.

To all mum’s out there, thank you for being there whenever we needed you guys. Keep kicking butt, keep doing what you do, because we all know we’d die without you guys. Who’d make me packed lunch when I’m a destined-to-fail chef? Who’d get me out of bed for our yoga class? Who’d be the one that I can turn to for acceptance, comfort and love when others have turned me away?

On this beautiful day, I want you to know, mum, I love you. To all mothers… Happy Mother’s Day.

P.S. I’m very grateful that you never get mad when I don’t buy you gifts and how you still adore my last-minute homemade gifts. This is partly my fault. I’ll try to think of something better in the future.

And yea… they have the #worldstoughtestjob

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