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hKUDOS throws you right in the middle of life at HKU, where we embrace great diversity, have a complicated relationship with stairs and refuel with incredibly good, incredibly discounted coffee!

Want to know more about what drives us and makes us the wonderful community that we are? hKUDOS is the right place to be!

We always say: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD(er).

hKUDOS is an online platform for the world to witness stories directly from the scene through our star HKU bloggers from diverse backgrounds, interests and academic disciplines!

Whether it is about HKU, Hong Kong, food, fashion, politics, opinion, arts, events or simply just a piece of your mind. hKUDOS aims to be an interactive space where students can connect, stay informed and tell it like it is!

If you are an HKU hopeful, then hKUDOS is the best and the fastest way for you to get acquainted with our students and get a glimpse of life on and off campus.

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