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I have to admit that most of the nice accessories in town are quite expensive—in a way that I would rather spend my money on a top instead of a necklace. But no, that does not defeat my intention of getting some glamorous bling-bling or, well you got it, couple rings. (Speaking of which, I have not seen any good ones lately, so let me know if you’ve spotted them.) Accessories are great for last-minute style up to cast yourself into the glam light, especially when you have no time to put on a fashionable-looking outfit in the morning. So never forget how powerful these bits-n-bobs are and invest on them.

The other day, when I was half running at the centennial campus, half stuffing a Starbucks Italian sausage roll into my gullet, something stopped me from my run. Yes! Nice accessories always catch my eyes—no matter they are on you or on the sales floor. Tote bag, vintage necklace, cute ring—you name it. They are not as expensive as I thought they would be, afterall, these student associations set up their booths to serve the students (and yes, to promote themselves). Student societies and clubs often organize bazaars that sell cheap accessories and stationery, so be sure to stop and look at what they are selling. Too bad I only had $20 in my pocket after getting myself the overpriced sausage roll, or else I would have been their honorary VIP.

After all my choruses of ‘awwh’s, ‘I want!’s and not a single transaction, these associations were nice enough to let me take pictures of their products. So, thank you—English Society, Japanese Society, French Society and Linguistics Society. Their booths will be up for another 3 weeks or so, make sure you dig out the hidden gem! Shop till you drop—Until then!


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