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I hated jeans. I have always hated how boring they look and how unoriginal they are. But, lo and behold, I’m loving the denim shirt trend lately. They could be preppy, classy and casual at the same time, not to mention it is very easy to DIY denim shirts with just a few cheap studs and sequences. Denim shirts are great for school. They are one of the wardrobe essentials for both guys and girls. And when I said the denim-top ‘trend’, I was not just bluffing—I did see many of our fellow schoolmates pulling off their denim items in a way that really impressed me.

All of them demonstrated a different style– from preppy school look to summer beachwear, they are all done with one denim top. Polished look or not so? Entirely up to how you style it! Piling denim on denim could also be fun, so play and experiment them.

Lately, I’ve found myself stuck in some high quality but cheap denim items. Surprisingly, I quite like the ones from Forever 21 especially their ombre denim shirts which I’ve been hunting for quite a while. And if you are looking for some boho-chic denim items, go for Hollister‘s. But be warned that they are quite pricey and rather thick, making it hard to tuck in and play around with. (Not to mention their annoying seagull that sticks out so attention-seekingly, alright, too much from this hater). Guys! I did not forget about you. Asos offers some best men denim shirts and their quality for menswear is usually better than those of the womenswear, so time for you all to shop till you drop. Until then!


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