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Eyes Wide Open: Trying Out the “Eye-Bombing” Craze in HKU!

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All sorts of challenges, viral videos and memes constantly fill up our news feeds, but have you ever heard of “eye-bombing”?

“Eye-bombing” is the elaborate art of pasting “googly eyes” onto otherwise inanimate objects in the public sphere, cleverly lending the object the appearance of a living creature.

Turns out, we are surrounded by incomplete faces waiting for eyes to be pasted on them. Similar to seeing Virgin Mary on Toast or George Washington on a rock, there is a website dedicated to the practice, as well as a sub-reddit filled with inspiring images.

Last week, we dropped our own bomb on campus.

 1. Poor Peter perplexed by the puzzles of politics

Eyebombing (6)



 2.  Things are looking up for this one here.

Eyebombing (4)



3. Ouuuuuchhhhhh! That must’ve hurt!

Eyebombing (20)




Eyebombing (3)


5. They never talk about me…the elephant outside the room…

Eyebombing (11)



6. Piknobcchio nose what you did last summer…

Eyebombing (17)


7. You wanna know how I got these scars?

Eyebombing (16)


8. Things should be switched up from time to time.

Eyebombing (15)


9.  As Alfred Pennyworth once said, ” Why do we fall bruce?”


Eyebombing (13)



10. HKUSMUN needs you!

Eyebombing (9)



11. You filled me up then poured me out…like I was poison in your mouth…I fell deep, you let me down,
but that was then and this is now!

Eyebombing (12)


12. Wake up in the morning feeling so giddy…grab my backpack, head to class ain’t no time for brekkie…

Eyebombing (8)


13. I’ve got your back, friend!

Eyebombing (7)


14. Üüüüüü complete me

Eyebombing (1)

The subreddit says:

Ultimately the goal is to humanize the streets, – and bring sunshine to people passing by.

So if you want to bring sunshine to people’s lives, you know what to do!




why does my  brain discern faces in everyday objects?

Written by Abbas Alvi and Delia Von Pflug


I enjoy swimming in the cold open sea, running through concrete jungles and real jungles, and practicing other ways to master my mind.