Goodbye uniforms, Hello office outfits

June 04, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

I’m approaching the stage where I have to knock off the little tank tops and graphic-tees for, taadaa, the new grad is entering the workforce. Despite all the reluctance, pillow-crying and ranting of having to step into this new stage of my life, every cloud has a silver lining. I actually cannot wait to dress myself up for work! I have always loved office outfits, I find them formal and presentable. But I have hated how boring university students are, when it comes to dressing up for interviews and presentations because most of them would only wear business suits, black suits and… more formal suits. I understand that business suits are required for some occasions and especially for men where suit & tie are the only options (like Justin Timberlake LOL). But girls! Do not hold back– you can be dressy for business attire. Here are a few tips for you girls:

  • A well-fitted blazer
  • Yes, girls. In all seriousness, you need a proper blazer that fits you and only you. So go on and splurge on them. To deliberately avoid looking bored, I refrain myself from buying blazers at Giordano. How about getting a tailor-made blazer? Or if you are down for some casual business attire, try Asos or Massimo Dutti– the sister brand of Zara, for quality blazers.
  • Nude heels and black heels
  • Personally, I prefer nude heels and pumps–they are classic and sophisticated. These colours work best for office outfits because they go along with most looks. My current loves come from Lowrys Farm , Oriental Traffic and Steve Madden.
  • Accessories
  • Gold and silver accessories are office outfits must-have. They make you a lot more formal, glamorous and elegant. Find the hidden gems at Accessorize or my recent favorite– Club Monaco.
  • AH! I am confused!
  • Not sure what to wear for work? Don’t know what attire suits your company? Watch out for what your seniors wear! Most importantly–Stay creative but not attention-seeking! Have confidence in whatever you wear but stay focused at work!

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