Happy V-Day, Single People

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Guess what day it is?

It’s…. *drumroll*…. Valentine’s Day! The day I never have plans for!

But it’s ok, I’m not alone. This year, I have decided to take all my other single friends down with me on a short wishful journey down imaginary love lane.

I asked all my single friends to describe the person they would want to be in a romantic relationship with, in one short sentence and… there were some pretty deep answers.

I want a girlfriend who is willing to listen to me sing all the time. - Anonymous

I would like someone who can carry long discussions with me. – Li Heng

I want someone with good sense of humor and who is gentle in their mannerisms. - Anonymous

I want someone who can make me laugh hysterically when I don’t even want to smile. – Sheng Min

Loving someone is like playing scrabble. It is not about playing the right words but is knowing that we will finish the game together. - Anonymous

I want someone who will peel prawn shells for me. – Kenny Chow

I would like to be with Gintoki because he is a man of principle. – Anonymous

(FYI, Gintoki is an animation character.)

Someone I can kiss confidently in the morning before brushing teeth. – Jia Yin

Someone who says or does the right thing at the right time, be it giving out compliments or pointing out the mistakes of the girl. – Anonymous

I will ‘heart’ a boyfriend who understands the importance of proper English. – Pamela Choi

Someone who’s older than me, with experience and who will take care of everything. – Anonymous

I hope to find someone who is willing to do this with me everyday – “I laugh and grab the bear from her & attack her. We can’t stop laughing. We end up falling asleep on the couch.” – Jeremiah

Someone who will take lots of pictures with me and go everywhere with me. – Anonymous

Someone who can brighten your day with just eye-contact or a smile. – Jia Bau

I want someone who enjoys teasing me and I enjoy being teased by him too. – Anonymous

Give me piggyback rides when my legs ache. – Jia Yin

Someone that can have a dinner with me at 大排档 on Valentine’s Day. – Jet Lim

(FYI, the above picture is classical H.K 大排档)

I want someone who will cook for me, and buy me a lot of food. – Anonymous

I’m looking for someone to travel and see the world together. – Ming Xun

I want someone who motivates me more than I do myself. – Anonymous

I’d like someone who will watch The Phantom of the Opera with me over and over again – and never get tired. – Timothy Ng

Someone who can always make me smile by singing/dancing/playing music. – Anonymous

A guy who appreciates my odd sense of humour. – Me

Someone who I can feel perfectly comfortable with being in the same room without saying a word and doing our own stuff. – Anonymous

I would like to be with someone who is sampat, but looks adorable in my eyes. – Mr. Jordan Yew

(Sampat is Malaysian slang for wacky, cracking lame jokes, and always fooling around.)

Someone who would make killer pasta and Pan Mee for me. – Anonymous

(Pan mee is a Malaysian flat noodles dish and is just delicious. Good taste.)

I would love to have a girlfriend who is willing to stay by my side through ups and downs, thick and thin, be a good listener and my lovely ego booster! – Jake Ng

Now if you’re feeling a little down today because happy couples, flower bouquets and teddy bears are parading on the streets, chill dude. Flowers will die, and teddy bears are silly, especially the talking ones.

But alright, if you’re still close to declaring doomsday on yourself, take a deep breath, and just trust that he/she will be worth the wait. And whilst waiting, embrace your freedom! How do you think I got so cool? Yeppp, probably not the best time for sampat jokes like these. Now chin up and keep smiling, or how else are you going to be noticed/notice someone who matches your description?

BIG big thanks to everyone who was kind enough to answer my random questions despite the fact that I probably stabbed at a lot of (already) bruised egos. May the odds be in your favor this year! ;)

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