HKU Student Union Elections 2015: An Interview with ASCENT

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The title says it all!! Let’s cut to the CHASE! An interview with the Proposed President, Billy Fung Jing En of the Proposed Cabinet, Ascent!

Q: What do you have planned for the new year ahead?

A:To list them all here would be impossible. But some of our goals include:

1. Continuously responding to social issues that remain prominent, not only within HKU but also societal issues

2. Further strengthening the promotion of international affairs beyond the scope of Hong Kong

3. Re-evaluate the structure Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) and propose feasible changes

4. Promote the glocalisation of HKU

5. Be a representative of HKU Students

Q: How do you propose to continue or pick up from the umbrella movement?

A: Undeniably, we are at a tricky spot. Ordinary protests are no longer a workable plan in terms of striving for legitimate democracy. We need to maintain focus and be mentally and physically well-prepared, with regards to the challenges that we know we will face. Let’s get innovative!

Q: What do you hope to change in the student community? Is there a specific problem?

A: An aspect we are hoping to improve within the student community is the communication and interaction between local and non-local students. HKU students are here to have a cultural and intellectual exchange and we must try our best to upkeep that promise made to all students. We are planning to hold more social functions, such as concerts and buddy programmes, to help integrate both communities.

Q: Why do you think being SU president is the next step for you? What qualities do you possess that makes you think that you are the right fit?

A: Experience. I was a councilor of the HKUSU council. I believe I possess the relevant knowledge to ensure the smooth running of HKUSU. My familiarity, hopefully, also enables me to easily translate the needs of students into realities.

Leadership and humbleness. To me, both goes hand in hand. Once I am elected, it does not mean that I become one who is privileged but rather a public servant to all members of HKUSU. I know I am taking on an immense role but I must strive for the equality of all voices within HKUSU.

Q: What do you think you, personally, offer to HKU?

A: HKU is a specially university. Although it is a University with long history but it is a vitalised one which keep improving and growing in terms of teaching and culture.

Q: Why are you running for SU? What motivated you? What are you expectations and what are you insecure about?

A: I was the External Vice-chairman of the Arts Association, H.K.U.S.U., which is a faculty society. After serving for a year, I realised that my role was rather limited and I wanted to serve on a larger scope.

Additionally, I was alongside the Current Affairs Committee of the HKUSU Council whilst fighting for democracy. Such an experience has inspired me to devote my time into changing our city into a better one.

Q: Since you’re running for SU, you have to always show your best side to people. What are you most unhappy/dissatisfied about your cabinet. OR If there is one thing that you could change about your cabinet, what would it be?

A: I’m really pleased and happy about my cabinet. Perhaps the most unhappy person in this whole process my mum because I haven’t actually dined with her in ages.

Q: Tell me some of your regrets and successes.

A: Ascent is my success. We share the same vision and values. We hope to serve our members wholeheartedly.

Q: Is there sometimes you admire about the other team OR perhaps something that you wish your team had?

A: I really appreciate our productivity and conscientious because, during the election campaign, we need to prepare our platform and visit different societies, clubs and halls so as to collect students’ opinion. Though we were really tired, we evaluated our performance and platform evert night in order to improve ourselves and platform.

Q: There have been rumors and accusations flying around ever since the inception of the election. Would you like to clarify/respond to some of the things that have been said to/about your cabinet and members?

A: We are experienced but not rigid. We want to improve the current situation by implementing different policies, ranging from bilingual policy to organising a buddy programme in order to improve the communication and interaction among the local and non-local students.

Q: If theres one thing you want to say to the other team what would it be?????

A: Let’s work hard together so as to provide different choices to our members.

Q: What do you think of the previous exco? Did they do a good job?

A: Of course they did a great job! I think the Umbrella Revolution is a great example of just how good they were at their job! They provided assistance HKU students and participating parties and acted as a genuine bridge between the happenings of the revolution and HKU students. I also think that they held numerous functions to facilitate intellectual and cultural exchange. 

Time for some FUN QUESTIONS!

Q: What drink are you? Tequila, vodka, rum, gin, baileys, other…

A: I think I am water as I purely want to serve HKU students.

Q: Kiss, marry, kill: The other Proposed President, Obama, Chairman Mao

A: Can I simply skip this question ?

Q: Funny Moment?

A: I was coming home from a meeting. It was pretty late so I was really tired. I somehow smashed into a pole on the way home. Ooops.

Q: Lankwai or Wan Chai?

A: Wan Chai!

Q: Kenny G or C.Y. Leung?

A: Kenny G.

Please don’t forget to go and cast your vote at one of the polling stations during this week! Instructions will also be in english! You’ll know what to do!

Polling Stations:

MAIN CAMPUS (Opening Hours: 10:15am – 5:45pm)
- K.K Leung Concourse
- Area near Campus Service Centre (UG/F Knowles Building)
- Run Run Shaw Podium (Opposite to old University Bookstore)
- Union Foyer
- Area outside Bank of East Asia (BEA)
- Area outside Grove Cafe

DENTAL CAMPUS (Opening Hours: 12pm – 2pm)
- Area outside canteen on 7/F, Prince Philip Dental Hospital

MEDICAL CAMPUS (Opening Hours: 10:15am – 5:45pm)
- Lobby of William Mong Man Wai Building