ITADAKIMASU! (I shall begin to eat!)

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One of the very wide-spread cuisine/restaurants you’ll find in Hong Kong, except “yam cha” I guess, probably is Italian. Don’t you agree? Even small corner local diners will have spaghetti on the menu. It’s very hard to NOT like pasta and pizza if you are decent human being, but at the same time, it makes us very hard to decipher which actually is genuinely Italian and which is just a vulgar attempt to imitate Italian dish which usually just ends up in a revolting cheesy noodle.

Then I just took a detour on purpose, as in I rather tried to find something unique yet still rich i flavour than to find authentic Italian food. Fusion it is.

SAGRANTINO,  http://www.sagrantino.com.hk/,    5/F THE LOOP 33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Sagrantino is a Japanese-Italian restaurant. You’ll find sashimi(raw fish), seaweed, bunch of seafood, and even wasabi as toppings or main ingredients in most of the dishes – which obviously make them Japanese – and quality sake, which is a sort of Japanese vodka servved warm, is available as well. Yet, combination of Western cooking style and that of Japanese goes together quite perfectly. Crunchy pizza, with generous amount of melted cheese, baby shrmips, and Japanese mayo on top is one of my favorites as well as “Zuke”, cold pasta with Fresh Tuna sashimi cubes, Nori(dried seaweed), wasabi, and soy soup.



While Japanese dining is known to have a very little portion size that barely makes hamster full, Sagrantino’s portion size is rather Chinese, or American; either way, it’s PLENTY, with reasonable price range.

I’d give 4.4/5 for food, but service was pretty disappointing. Staffs would stick to each other on one side or in the corner, either chatting or doing some other works of their own, while people were desperately searching for their eyes to meet or even waving to draw their attention. I myself have worked as a waitress in a restaurant for a while and the main principle I kept in my mind was to be there for customers before they called me cus it’ll annoy the life out of them. So waiting for minutes to ask for a glass of water after raising my hands like a 4th grader who wants to shout out an answer for the math question, annoyed me a lot even though I’m usually very patient.

Yet, I forgive them for great food, I will definitely visit again and I think that’s really, all that matters.