“My 3-year Affair with R.C. Lee Hall”

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By Helena Liande

Recently, Residential Colleges has been named as HKU’s new Student Village 3. Being a fairly long-residing member (well… the my entire university life!) of R.C. Lee Hall, I was semi-confused by this piece of information. Since I first entered HKU back in 2011, I have understood the Sassoon Road residences to be THE Student Village 3. I have to admit – my mind was blown for just that spilt of a second.

Now that I have shared a little fun fact with you, I will move on to talk about my experiences and thought about living in R.C. Lee.

#The (in)Convenient Truth

R.C. Lee is located in Sassoon Road, a 15 minutes mini bus ride away from the Main Campus. Let’s be frank, it might not be the most conveniently located hall. Firstly, it is definitely NOT a short walking distance to school (30 minutes walk to school? No thanks.) Secondly, there are hardly any good food choices around the area, unless you take a bus down to K Town. However, there are redeeming points for me.

What I like most about living in R.C. Lee, is the feeling of “going home” from school. Nothing beats the feeling of going “home” after a long day of endless meetings and a hard-core study session in the main campus. In fact, the last place I want to be is on campus!

#Unity in Diversity

R.C. Lee will not be a home without the amazing friends I have made there. Unity in Diversity is part of the hall motto. In R.C. Lee, non-locals are respected and given opportunities to be integrated into the community. I am grateful that I was not even once left with feeling excluded from my floor mates. Since the beginning, I was invited to their floor activities, outings and meetings. I was given the opportunities to participate and perform in the floor festivals and hall festivals. These definitely helped me, an international student, to be able to assimilate better into the local hall culture, and foster a greater sense of belonging to R.C. Lee.

#Sassoon Exclusive benefits

Being in a hall on Sassoon Road also entails you special benefits.

Processed with Rookie

1. The AMAZING sea view: Self-explanatory
2. Walking distance to the awesome Broadway cinema in Cyberport: High availability of seats for any movie, 95% of the time.
3. 7/11 at the foot your hall: The SUPER CONVENIENT store.
4. Living opposite the reputable Queen Mary Hospital: Just in case.

My affair with R.C. Lee will end in a month’s time as I have officially graduated. I can say that I have truly enjoyed my stay and I can’t be more grateful for the good friends that I met there, locals and internationals alike.

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