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February 12, 2013 / by / 2 Comments

It’s the hoodie season, and there’s lots to love about it. They are comfy. They give you stress-free mornings, and they are practical. As your time at HKU goes by, the impulsive act of purchasing hoodies from your societies, clubs, teams, or halls became an informal rite of passage. But similar to the childhood friendship bracelets you bought, most of these bulky, swag-less and boring hoodies would soon end up just like your bracelets—hidden within your wardrobes or being part of your PJ collections.

However, students come up with their new ideas every year in creating different hoodies. From the design and ordering, to the distribution and payment, students-in-charge pay a lot of effort in each and every step to ensure that their hoodies are good to go. These students are definitely worth a round of applause from all of us. Here’s a mini showcase of the hoodies we have around the campus–

This year, it looks like the HKU’s ‘hoodie trend’ is over, but I’m more than ready to welcome the ‘baseball jacket trend’ with my open arms.

Wearing hoodies to school is often being labeled as being (here comes the Canto slang) ‘hea– lazy’ or ‘tappy—not bothered’. But not when you know to swag up your hoodie with a cool outfit. Wondering how? – There you go!


So don’t chuck away your hoodies just yet, give them a twist– layer up with a checked shirt, military jacket, denim jacket or leather jacket! –Until then!


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