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How was Week 1 peeps? My first week back to school has robbed me of my sleep, my hobbies, and probably my sanity too.

But HKU went slightly crazier some three weeks ago, when the annual Registration Day was held.

This post is, well, more than three weeks late. A million apologies. But this post is also specially written for new faces looking for interest groups or those looking to pursue other interests – but couldn’t make it to HKU’s 2014 Registration Day (non-locals in particular).

Here’s what you missed on the 13th & 14th of August 2014.

HKU’s Registration Day is held annually in mid-August to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to university for incoming freshmen by promoting all sorts of events/activities/freebies run by HKU’s clubs, teams, societies, groups etc. On this day, passionate seniors go all out to promote their pride and joy here at HKU, be it their Hall,  their Teams, their Clubs, or Societies. Just for your information all you incoming midgets, we don’t get paid to stand in a small booth, hand out leaflets, and shout talk for 10 hours you know. Re-adjust that nose angle, sweetheart.

There are usually 3 zones in total for Registration Day. Zone 1 – Faculties & Departments, Zone 2 – Sports, Cultures, & Independent Clubs, Zone 3 – Halls. Since Zone 1 deals with Faculties specifically, I won’t introduce you to it.

Let’s check out Zone 2.

HKU Sports Associations

Where abs, sportsmanship, and commitment rule.


Archery Club                                                                Badminton Club


Basketball Club                                                               Dragon Boat Club


Fencing Club                                                                Hockey Club


Karate Club                                                                   Kendo Club


Netball Club                                                                   Rowing Club


Softball Club                                                                       Squash Club


Sport Climbing Club                                                      Table Tennis Club


Taekwondo Club                                                            Chinese Martial Arts Club

Judo Club

Other Teams:

Athletic Club                                                                         Football Club

Handball Club                                                                       Lacrosse Club

 Rugby Football Club                                                            Swimming Club

Tennis Club                                                                            Volleyball Club

HKU Cultural Associations

Where limits don’t exist.

Art Club


Animation and Comics Association                                         Union Philharmonic Orchestra


The Calligraphy Society                                                         Chinese Orchestra


Dancing Club                                                                 Debating Society


Drama Society                                                                       Film Society


Music Club                                                                Photographic Society


Union Choir                                                                                  Bridge Club


Youth Literary Awards Association


Chess and Boardgames Club                     The Magic Club

HKU Independent Clubs Association

Where voices are heard and things get done.


AIESEC-LC-HKU                                                                     Astronomy Club


Buddhist Studies Society                                                           Catholic Society


China Education Association                                                           China Study Society


Christian Association                                                                 Computer Society


Golden Z Club                                                                  Investment Society


LifePlanet                                                                             Rotaract Club


Social Service Group                                                                 The Ramblers’ Club


Weapons and Tactics Association                                      World University Service HKUB

Other Associations:

Christian Choir                         Greenwoods

The Hong Kong Award from Young People

World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles – Hong Kong

Zone 3 was the hall zone.

Due to my very poor photography skills, I failed to do justice to all the good-looking people who agreed to let me take pictures. Apologies but I don’t think they’d appreciate blurred out pictures of them.

But I did take a video. It felt like walking on red carpet.

FYI, HKU has 13 traditional halls, 2 non-residential halls, and the latest Residential Colleges which has 4 blocks in total. Each hall has her own culture, be it in dance, debate, or sport. Above it all are the infamous Orientation Camps which are known to really push your limits. Nevertheless, for those of you who have managed to secure a place in a hall this year, congratulations! Be sure to make the most out of it.

Here’s to another great year.


HJ Kim