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Let’s be honest, it is quite difficult to find a pair of nice, proper and comfortable shoes for school. Cute looking but also practical enough at the same time to bring you from the Global Lounge to the Centennial Campus, in 5 minutes. I was woefully idiotic when it came to choosing the right shoes for school back in my first year. I remember how my loafers had my right heel covered in blood after a hasty run from TT Tsui to Meng Wah. Oh, and that time when I was in my kitten heels because of an interview and I had a mild sprained ankle when I was running up the Sun Yat-sen steps. Those nice-and-twee but cunning looking shoes always swindle me into wearing them to school, but really, they don’t fit so perfectly well. While I was strolling at HKU one day, I realized how nice our students’ shoes are– practical and comfy too.

Some of my favorites are from Toms, Vans and Riviera. All of them are nice-looking, comfy and ready for the ‘i-am-running-late-sprint’. They are quite pricey I must say, but you’ll know its worth it, once you’ve tried your first step in them.