Thai in Central

April 21, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Sawadee ka/krup welcome to Thai exploration!
Your foody Stella is back in a long time. So this weekend my friend and I just wanted to try something new, and there we were, off to Soho.

We dressed up in our fancy new dresses, on heels(Yes, we were on heels on the hills of SOHO) and were aimlessly walking around to find something delicious yet with a decent price to have for dinner. But even though SOHO is famous for its various promotions and set menus for lunch we underestimated its dinner price. Since the prices were more than double of the lunch deals in many places we had no choice but to turn our eyes to cheaper menus, which meant no Italian or French. HOWEVER, we came across decent Thai place with savory and affordable food and drinks. Also because this soggy daily weather makes me crave spicy food.

“Red chili”, located on 40 Hollywood Road, Central, was empty when we got there around 7:30pm while other restaurants nearby were pretty much packed. But our doubt about the taste seemed to be useless when we opened the beautifully decorated menus filled with saliva-inducing pictures of dishes and fairly cheap prices from $40-70 per dish next to them; and when they finally were on our table our doubt was completely gone out to the space.

AND, omg you are gonna love to hear this. Portion size is BIG, and since we weren’t expecting such a fulfilling size as two little girls having dinner in the middle of SOHO, we ordered three dishes with a glass of wine each; medium spicy papaya salad with nuts, leak, and chili, Fried rice with seafood, dried pork, and cashew nuts in a pineapple boat, and stir fried rice noodles with veggies and shredded pork in gravy sauce. And two glasses of vintage French wines. Guess how much the total cost! $298 in total, including the 10% additional service charge. Guess how the food was! I’m gonna quote my friend here, “this is so much better than the ones I had in Bangkok. Mhmmm”

I still didn’t understand why the place was so empty but the next time I visited there was a line in front of the restaurant, hungry customers waiting(I guess I was just a bit early that particular day).

Really nice food(I guarantee), really cheap, really nice atmosphere, and good location since you can go for a drink right after dinner or simply walk around. Haha trust me, just follow me around and you’ll probably….gain few pounds. Just kidding, you’ll get foodgasm. So I highly recommend you guys to tryout Thai once in a while at RED CHILI and I’ll see you around;)