University Hall : Living in a Castle

March 13, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

Ever since the first time I set foot in the hall grounds, I’ve always imagined it as any young boy’s dream home; a castle-like building, with a dungeon-like basement. Yes, University Hall is a castle! I’d come up with ghost stories about every corner of the castle, if I were still a 9-year-old. At night, the building is eerily dark as the lights are rather dim in the hallways.


When a friend of mine took us all on a tour around the hall, he told us a couple of weird rules about how you can’t sit on certain chairs, or can’t touch certain things.

“If you touch the beasts (statues) on the staircase of the entrance, you will never graduate!” he said.

Anyway, living in a castle is plain awesome; you’d be sleeping in a room full of history. University Hall even has a spectacular sea view at the rear end of the building. Unfortunately, no ladies allowed. Its a fantasy all-boys residential hall, with a boys’ playpen downstairs. It has a mini gym, a music room, a flat screen TV for football games, a pool table,¬†Foosball, and other things you’d expect to find in a bachelor’s dormitory.

It’s a cool place, except the fact you may have to live in a dingy prison-like room, if you end up getting a room in the basement. It’s also not within walking distance from the university’s main campus. Perhaps you could walk to the medical campus but even that’s quite far in my opinion. In Hong Kong, where time is essence, you don’t have the luxury of walking to school even if it only takes about 15 minutes.